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Cognizant Ventures International

"Always Check Your Source!"

CVI is a transnational holding company specializing in many sectors, including food service, entertainment, and lumber machinery. Since humble a start in 1967, when founder Ray Bob Nilvino opened a small office in a Pasadena garage, CVI has succeeded in uniquely re-engineering bleeding-edge outsourcing yets till fostering a family spirit.


In the last decade, CVI has expanded our array of holdings by objectively productizing cross-platform markets that has quickly monetized high-payoff experiences for our investors. Click here to learn more about our solutions.


Our latest technology will bring you the most current force fields available for controlling of your sectors, through patented yet safe techniques of omnivision(TM). If you would like to learn more about our operations, please use the links at the left to contact us.


News Flash

News Flash : CVI opens new branches for innovating neural transfusions. Markets in Estonia are up today.

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