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"Satiated Customers Return!"

CVI has a wide range of clients we have served and are ready and willing to tell you more about our range of services and solutions. Contact our Director of Customer Services, Nova Lirib Yon for our trademarked client force field communicator program


  • Valencia Bros, Inc
  • L And S Distributor's
  • Above And Beyond Security Agency
  • America's Wholesale Lender
  • N.A.F.T.A Metal Products
  • Hashem Company
  • Nikki Cotton Desert Reporting
  • Jisco Enterprises, Inc
  • Rdo Agricultural And Sawing Equipment Co
  • Wheat's Cemetery Inspections
  • White Tiger Enterprises
  • Jimmy's Potbelly Rub
  • El Dorado Car Registration Services

News Flash

News Flash : CVI brokers exclusive transportation contract with Jameson Animal Product Procurement.

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