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"It's Up to You"

CVI solutions depend on a wide range of needs. We have an international force of skilled workers who are up to almost any tasks you can contrive. We are, by all degrees, responsible to the final delivery


Besides out leadership in the fields of translational logistics and business proto logic, CVI brings you an entire research arm from our overseas laboratories. Our investors are liberal in their support of in house research. A complete prospectus of our 866 patents is available behind the firewall. Just contacting us for a free briefing.


And we'd be remiss to not mention of fleet of instant fabrication facilities. Prototypes of everything from kitchen ware to tri-core axe baldes can be commissioned in a matter of minutes. No one out fabricates CVI


News Flash

Solutions News : New Steel alloy developed for wafer thin slices of solid and fleshy objects. Visit out showroom in Memphis for a free demo.

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