You now have to ride down an asphalt trail and cut off onto a gravel trail before getting back to the old single track. Watch that you don’t overshoot the switchback to stay on the black diamond descent – the blue route is completely overgrown. They can be ridden in the winter depending on snow conditions. Gets dry in the summer. Unpacked snow and mud throughout.

Use some caution in the corners here. Having gotten that out of the way, the Mana Road ride is absolutely beautiful and worth the ride. Fun transitions and some great little rock drops. The flowiest trails of the mountain! At the bottom the trail joins Hide and Seek above a major creek crossing.

The valley to your left drops away as you climb up and through a shallow waterfall. This is a classic Black Mountain trail and was featured in Freehub Magazine’s Pisgah Photo Book: Issue 6. For many mountain bikers and equestrians, this is their favorite trail or at least in their top three. Or with only moderate climbing involved these trails can keep almost anyone interested for hours. Big downed tree near the end of Lower Black.

The trail finishes in switchbacks coming down the mountain with some good berms. It is steep. After a few bends in the trail you’ll get through this section and then start hear the waterfalls in another giant valley that you’ll ride above. Logs embedded in the trail have been installed to signal technical terrain. You’ll be traveling right along side and only a few inches above a tiny creek.

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It doesn’t get much use though so is sometimes a bit overgrown. It doesn’t get much use though so is sometimes a bit overgrown. Well built jump line with wooden lips built into each jump. The start of the dirt road is marked on the Google Map directions on this page. Awesome trail.

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