Bava Mather sees the Dark Rider draining the power of Dr. DoomBAVA MATHER

Real Name: BAVA Mather

Identity/Class: Humanoid (tragic user?), 21st Century

Occupation: Instigator, Gatherer of Syndication Feeds, GIF animator, General Futzer

Group Membership: PIzza Anonymous

Affiliations: The Digital Storytelling, Followers of the Bavastock, DTLT

Enemies: LMS Pirates, Dr. Oblivion, Free Loving Hippies, all the better bloggers in the world, all the servants of copyright, Profiters of EDUPUNK, Music not created in the Eighties

Known Relatives: The Amazing Ator, Miles of Manhattan, Terrific Tessie, Tomaso of Tomorrow

Aliases: The Reverend, Fake Reverend Jim, Fake Fake Reverend Jim, Grim Joon, Tim Doom

Base of Operations: Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA

First Appearance: Some B-Rated Blog (December, 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Mather powers' origin are unknown (probably they were granted to him mistakenly by the CogDog). Mather could sense and find arcane movie references, project his voice (or thoughts) at very long distances, control and command other's will by touching them or hitting them with a comment from his rusty keyboard. Mather talked louder than a normal human. Mather is capable of verbally brow beating people into laughing fits of non-submission. . 

Bava Mather has just defeated the "Devil"History: DTLT Team-Up I#2 (fb) - BTS) At an unspecified time, Mather was a seeker of beings gifted with magic powers. Gardner of Campbell (a powerful magus of a pre-historic Era) found him, infected him, and forced him to serve for his own shareful purposes: to find people with magic powers to feed off their power for good purposes.

DTLT Team-Up I#26 (fb) - BTS) The fanatic Bava Mather started his mission for the CogDog. He arrived at Fredericksburg, Virginia in the Winter between the 1691 and 2005 with the purpose of decreasing the fear of blogging in people in order to find real learners. Mather increased the fanaticism of UMW's people, had the Campbell driven off to the wastelands of Texas, and fermented his blogcraft. 

DTLT Team-Up I#28 (fb) - BTS) Bava Mather traveled in the 21st century (probably helped by the CogDog) to the Festival of Frivolty in Austin, Texas. With his "voice" he attracted the Burtis Martha to the Castle and captured her.

Rushing Andy was transported to the Castle by a video compressor's spell. He tried to stop Mather, but was defeated by his "stnech" and by the rogue codec, controlled by Mather. Mather used Tim Doom's Time Machine and brought Martha back to 1692 where he exposed her to a public dousing of vodka martinis.

DTLT Team-Up I#34 (fb) - BTS) Mather discovered the Young Boy Timmmmy in the wood near Farmville. The two were assaulted by text only fanatics and sent to the moors. Dr. Oblivion arrived on the scene sent by CogDog's power and the foolish Mather greeted the coming of the Avenging Angel.

DTLT Team-Up I#36 (fb) - BTS) BAVA Mather saw the Angel of Light in Dr. Oblivion, come to fight the darkness in Educators and declared himself servant of the new "master". Mather asked Oblivion to show him the way of the Light and to be taught how to cleanse the world from evil. Dr. Oblivion hurled him away. The CogDog absorbed more power from the heroes and in particular from Dr. Oblivion's latent black magic powers and managed to defeat him, the two Avengers, and Boy Timmmmy.

DTLT Team-Up I#40 (fb) - BTS) BAVA Mather, now mad, screamed while Burtis Martha left the 17th century on the Time Platform and pointed out errors in his templates.

DTLT Team-Up I#42 (fb) - BTS) Hypnotized by the chriping of cicadas sent by Rowan Peter Rowan, Bava Mather madly charged to the west, losing his way in the dark alleys of Portlandia.

(DTLT Team-Up I#44 (fb) - BTS) - Bava Mather tried to tell the history of the CogDog as his own and of the battle he attended, but no one believed him. He was believed insane.


What up? - Noiseprofessor, Maker of Noise and Wholesome Vegetables.

he is my hero, bring on the dark days of here forward = @dlkernohan

An early version of Gigolo Aunt by PFloyd then PJ Harvey - Sheela-Na-Gig & then I seek shelter from Bava Mather-- South Pacific #ds106radio - @easegill

Can I have the stream?
--Stephen Hurley

I thought he was asking for a radar station - @grantpotter

Have you seen my scotch? There was a full bottle before Jim visited -- @mikhailg

He keeps distracting me from my efforts to perpetuate one of those annoying catchphrase meme-thingies like a full-on social media dipshit: -- @brlamb


Why is our keynote speaker inside a tent? -- anttendee at Open Ed 2011

Can I have the stream? Please?
--Stephen Hurley

Frack this dude, I've got projects to reclaim and my outlook calendar is borked again - D'Arcy Norman

Why am I still on probation? - timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy boy

I have a full archive of all of Mather's speeches as well as a Storify showing the enitre history rendered as a doodle- Giulia Forsythe

Enough of this, lets go home for some marthinis -- @mburtis

spader tater - @scottlo

DTLT Team-Up I#44, p2/5, pan1 (Bava Mather, full body)
DTLT Team-Up I#42, p5, pan7 (Bava Mather, head shot)

Other appearances:
DTLT Team-Up I#42 (February, 1976) {Albo Italiano: L'Uomo Ragno#197 Editoriale Corno} - Ignatio Scottlo (writer), Michaelo Bransisiomo-Smithio (pencils), Toska Conway & Allen I.S. A'Liddle (inks), Sheryl Colen (editor)
DTLT Team-Up I#43 (March, 1976) {Albo Italiano: L'Uomo Ragno#198 Editoriale Corno} - Ignatio Scottlo (writer), Michaelo Bransisiomo-Smithio (pencils), Toska Conway & Allen I.S. A'Liddle (inks), Sheryl Colen (editor)
DTLT Team-Up I#44 (April, 1976) {Albo Italiano: L'Uomo Ragno#199 Editoriale Corno} - Ignatio Scottlo (writer), Michaelo Bransisiomo-Smithio (pencils), Toska Conway & Allen I.S. A'Liddle (inks), Sheryl Colen (editor)
DTLT Team-Up I#45 (May, 1976) {Albo Italiano: L'Uomo Ragno#200 Editoriale Corno} - Ignatio Scottlo (writer), Michaelo Bransisiomo-Smithio (pencils), Toska Conway & Allen I.S. A'Liddle (inks), Sheryl Colen (editor)

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