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  • September 19-27, 2015

  • UCI Road World Championships



The Great VCU Bike Race was a unique Connected Learning experience at Virginia Commonwealth University that took place during the Fall 2015 semester. It was a networked, multimedia, trans-disciplinary exploration of the event that was the 2015 UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Road World Championships (hhttp://richmond2015.com).

VCU faculty focused their energy, enthusiasm, and unique expertise on this event to create an array of energizing learning opportunities. The resultant themes address films and cycling, cross-cultural issues, cycling safety, biking in Richmond, and much, much more. This "book" is a repository for the work created by faculty and students during this experience.

photo by Brian Palmer



Table of Contents

Reflections from Faculty

  • Reflections on the Crowd
    Anthropology of the Crowd
    by Amy Verrelli

    For Anthropology of the Crowd, VCU students became anthropologists engaged in data collection and research about the crowd gathered in Richmond for the UCI World Championships Bike Race. My goal was for students to be on the ground, in the crowd, experiencing the race, and thinking about the great variety that makes humanity, all from an anthropological perspective.

  • Event Planning and Promotion
    by Manika Avashti

    For me as an instructor, teaching the UCI Bike Race course had a twofold purpose, to actively engage students in the learning process, and to get them excited about this once-in-a-lifetime event. The fundraising experience acquired by teaching Service Learning classes provided the building blocks for this course.

  • Visualizing a Wired World’s Past
    by Bernard Means

    For four years now, I have been working with VCU students and partners in the heritage community to create virtual models of artifacts and other important items through 3D scanning, either in the Virtual Curation Laboratory, which I direct, or on location.


What's Unique

A statement about this project that should inspire the reader to want to copy it.

Community Based

Learning leaves the campus, going out and being part of the Richmond community around VCU.

Networked Learning
Networked Learning

Students engage in a network of learners beyond their class, and their university.


Students learn to create and publish rich media on the open web.

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UNIV 291 Courses

You can choose from twenty-five sections of UNIV 291 to get the perfect bike-race-related topic. Each has its own activities, assignments, and requirements. Most include requirements for Richmond-based engagement with activities during the week of the bike race itself. Find a team jersey that appeals to you, then ride over to the registration details.

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