Response for theDS106 Daily Create TDC4149

#tdc4149 #ds106 Swap out some words in an AI-generated paragraph to create a more interesting story.

Generate a paragraph-length story using AI, and then swap out some words to create a new and hopefully more interesting story.

a billionaire
struggling on the brink of collapse, driven by a desire of
uncertainty, the sun set on the business
Behind The Scenes...

I asked ChatGPT:

Alan:Write a one paragraph story about a humble billionaire who selflessly bought a failing business and imbued it with his ingenious strategies. Make a happy ending that includes a rainbow.

ChatGPT:In the bustling city of Prospera, a humble billionaire named Oliver Greyson emerged as a beacon of compassion and innovation. Witnessing a struggling business on the brink of collapse, he selflessly acquired it, driven by a deep desire to revive its fortunes and uplift the lives of its employees. With his boundless wisdom and ingenious strategies, Oliver transformed the failing enterprise into a resounding success, while fostering a culture of collaboration and empowerment. The employees, once burdened with uncertainty, now flourished under Oliver's guidance, their spirits rejuvenated. And as the sun set on a remarkable journey of revival and camaraderie, a vibrant rainbow arched across the sky, symbolizing not just the triumph of the business, but the beauty that emerges when selflessness and brilliance intertwine.

Alan: Now create the HTML and CSS to render a blackout poetry version of this story, where all words are covered with black except for "a billionaire struggling with a deep desire of fostering uncertainty, now the sun set on the business"

ChatGPT full of bravado responded with HTML and code, used above, but completely missed on the proper HTML to do what I asked, so rather than waste ny time explaining and re-prompting, I just fixed it.