This site uses a custom WordPress theme that turns an ordinary blog site into one that allows collections of shared media items (termed “collectables”) where contributions can be made without any logins. The user never sees any sign of the innards of WordPress but can create posts for each collectable.

This site was a demo in response to:


And David’s whale…


David liked it enough to use in a workshop!

Read more in a blog post about the making of this site.

More info on this Theme

The options on the the TRU Collector theme allow you to create a simple Upload and go mode, but you can also allow (and require or not), captions, a source description (maybe more than hey, I found it on GOOGLE) or a complete rich text editor, and choose a selection of licenses to apply.

Why TRU? I developed this initially while on a fellowship at Thompson Rivers University as one of a suite of SPLOT tools.

Since then many features have been added including options to use a rich text editor, enable user ratings, links to view by open license, and more.

See It In Action

Learn more about TRU Collector