SplotBox Deluxe

Just another SPLOT site


Using Chrome on Android. No countdown and a tad overmodulated on playback.

Beta testing the SPLOT

Nothing much to write here. Had fun. Will travel. Actually, I may use it as podcasting tool for my #inf115…

Merry Go Round

Wild Man Fischer

Wake up Mash up

Something to get you outta bed in the morning. Its a short one but its a mashup of a very…

Clint’s groovy test

A SPLOT audio recording test

I Can Hear You All

Thanks, some heavy armed tweeting finally got some people trying out the new SPLOTbox audio features. Maybe your weekend was…

hello, Alan.

I am writing something eloquent. or powerful. But not interesting.

VoiceMail for Alan Levine

Hi there, please be advised that I have left you a voicemail. Terry

I feel seen

This is my 2 cents for why I’m on Team Teams.

Rick Steves – St. Francis of Assisi

An overheard snippet of video from a Rick Steves filler scheduled in between the last epiosde of the 1995 Pride…

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