I Plug in, Therefore I Exist

Are you feeling that plugged in feeling? After some speculation, it is here, right here… well first it was hoisted at coventry.domains

And now it is here… that’s right. The TRU Writer SPLOT which up to now has been wrapped inside a WordPress theme, is now free to run inside ANY WordPress theme, cause it is a plugin.

A very early version can be found and played with from https://github.com/cogdog/splotwriter

This is a new age for SPLOTs. Get plugged in!


Writing Details

  • Author: Alan Levine @cogdog
  • Published: July 30, 2019
  • Word Count: 119
  • Reading time: ~ < 1 minute
  • Edit Link: (emailed to author) Request Now
  • Featured Image: Surely this is public domain (and stop calling me "Shirley")
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